Mystery Artefact

Do you like archaeological challenges ? Every week a new mysterious discovery, every week a new challenge.

  • Can you guess what is our mystery artefact of the week ?


The artefact above is an unsolved mystery. Do you have a suggestion for us?

  • Do you have any hypothesis about the next artefact ? In a week, we will tell you what is ours.

The artefact above would be, according to us, a shoe buckle. 

  • The next artefact is more than just a stone. Can you guess what it is?


 The artefact above is a stone hammer. It is polished on both sides and could have been fitted with a handle. There appears to be some wear on the widest extremity of this artefact, which would be consistent with the object being struck repeatedly on hard surfaces.

  • The next artefact acquired this shape after being molten. What is it?


Several musket balls once were attached to the above artefact.  You can observe raised circles where they were joined to it.  This lead part is called a spurle and is the by-product of the casting of musket balls.  This would typically have been melted again as material for further castings.

The next artefact is not a nail. What could it be?



The artefact above is probably an awl. A stitching awl is a simple tool with which holes can be punctured in a variety of materials, or existing holes can be enlarged. It is also used for sewing heavy materials, such as leather or canvas.

2 Responses to “Mystery Artefact”
  1. Andy Robinson says:

    I know, I know!! Its a stone hammer – feel free to disqualify me, because I found it.

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