2010 annual report of the Beaubassin and Fort Lawrence Public Archaeology Experience

The last four years have been rich in discoveries at the Beaubassin and Fort Lawrence National Historic Sites of Canada.¬† The uncovered artifacts have given us a lot of information about the way of life of the Acadians and British people of the region. Within the next pages, we will first review the goals of … Continue reading

Review of archaeological work for the Beaubassin and Fort Lawrence national historic sites

Landscapes are rarely bereft of history. What they generally lack is a story. As archaeologists, our unique insight into the deposited soils, building remains, and the evidence of former trenches and digging, provide us with an opportunity to see and explain what happened on the land. In addition to the historical tale of settlement and … Continue reading

Aerial photography at the Fort Lawrence National Historic Site of Canada

The advantages of gaining a good aerial view of the ground had been long appreciated by archaeologists as a high viewpoint permits a better appreciation of fine details and their relationships within the wider site context. ¬†Aerial photography is one of the best ways of understanding archaeological landscapes, because it reveals and makes sense of … Continue reading