The escape of the Acadians from fort Lawrence

July 23rd 1755, Charles Lawrence, governor of Nova Scotia, secretly sent a message to all the military posts in the Province that it had been decided to do away with the Acadians by embarking them in vessels and sending them abroad, mainly on the coast of New England.

A couple of weeks later, all the men living in the vicinity of Amherst were summoned to gather at Fort Beausejour, to discuss matters relating to the Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign of England. On the 11th of August, 250 Acadians arrived at the fort, all men, and were immediately incarcerated. As they were too numerous to be held in one fort, the majority were sent the same day to Fort Lawrence.

Here is the story of some of those prisoners:

 By excavating trenches near fort Lawrence, the Beaubassin and Fort Lawrence public archaeology team primarily hopes to gather evidence of the precise location of the fort and, secondly, discover the location of the tunnel.  The digging of such a tunnel has most certainly left signs of perturbation in the soil that would still be visible nowadays.  Findings such as those would allow an archaeological interpretation of an event that has captured the imagination of generations of Acadians and whose memories are still very much alive today.

See the complete article written by Clarence d’Entremont at this address :


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